Here a selection of projects in which mcs . medical communication services was involved at a certain stage and which got published at a later stage:

Project and Link Tasks ms-mcs
Clinical Kidney Journal: Magnesium – a versatile and often overlooked element: New perspectives with a focus on chronic kidney disease, Volume 5 Suppl 1 February 2012 (Supplement sponsored by Fresenius Medical Care). Link…
  • Project management
  • Advisory board to define content
  • Editorial support
  • Graphical presentation
Gobbi C., et al. Interferon beta 1b following natalizumab discontinuation: one year, randomized, prospective, pilot trial, BMC Neurol. 2013; 13: 101. Link …
  • Study protocol
  • Study set-up
  • Aspects related to ethic committee approval and Swissmedic notification
  • Medical writing
Bohlega S, et al. Multiple sclerosis in the Arabian Gulf countries: a consensus statement. J Neurol. 2013 Dec;260(12):2959-63 Link …
  • Concept of the initial advisory board